Bucs vs. Rams Uniforms Broke My TV!!!!


Bucs and Rams bright uniforms killed my television set!

Such is the current state of NFL uniforms. Amazing a league like the NFL can do completely idiotic things to pacify its licensees and get away with it.

If you thought the “Christmas Bowl” between the all-green Jets and all-red Bills drove your TV out of its head, the Bucs vs. Rams tilt essentially busted a ton of HD TV’s. Watching two teams compete in complete day-glo orange/red and brilliant yellow is not what HD is designed for. Put it all under the lights, in a blase dome on fake grass and you have probably the ugliest NFL telecast in history.

We truly live in the lowest era of NFL uniforms era. The Seahawks, Bucs, Dolphins, Jaguars, Broncos, Patriots and Browns all boast the worst uniforms in NFL history. They are clownish, garish and a complete insult to the traditions of these teams (the Jags really don’t have a tradition).

And yet…suckers buy this crap.

When will it stop?